How to Associate a Token or an NFT on Venly Hedera Wallet?

Before receiving a Token or an NFT on the Hedera blockchain, you need to associate the token’s contract with your wallet.
This needs to be done so your wallet will recognize and be able to retrieve the tokens being sent to you.
This is how you would achieve it in your Venly Hedera wallet:

Access your Hedera wallet in Venly.
If you don’t have a Hedera wallet in Venly, create a new one or import your existing wallet.
Press on the Associate button in your Hedera wallet (see tutorial video):
In the following dialogue box, please enter the Token ID of the NFT or Token you would like to associate with your current Hedera wallet:

Enter the Token ID, and after confirming the right Token ID → Click Associate
Confirm the transaction using your 4-6 digit PIN, and in a few minutes, the Associated token will appear on the Tokens list.

Now you can transfer your Hedera tokens in & out of this wallet.

Token Association Success

Updated on: 02/11/2022

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