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How to switch a wallet between blockchain networks (Ethereum / BSC / Polygon / Avalanche)

You can easily switch blockchain networks for a certain wallet within Venly by importing them in that other network. This can be useful when you
sent assets to a wallet on another chain by mistake
want to have the same wallet address on multiple chains.

Imports we support are:
Import Ethereum wallet as Matic
Import BSC wallet from Ethereum
Import Avalanche C wallet from Ethereum
Import ETH wallet from Matic
Import ETH wallet from BSC
Import ETH wallet from Avalanche C

To do this, go to your desired blockchain, click on the "Import Wallet" icon and select "From Blockchain".
Sign it with your PIN and done! The assets in your wallet on that specific chain will be visible in your wallet.

Updated on: 20/10/2022

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