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How to use the Venly Wallet API with an API Key

There are two ways for a user to interact with the Venly Wallet API - with a clientId and a secret, or by generating an API Key through the Wallet App.

The API Key allows you to access only the wallet, for which it has been generated. When interacting with the Wallet API with an API Key, you won't be required to provide any PIN codes or signing methods for the calls.

How to interact with the Venly Wallet API by using an API Key

Generating an API Key

To generate an API Key follow the steps:

Go to the Wallet Web App and log in (or create a new account)

Open an existing wallet or create/import a new one

Click the Settings icon at the top right corner of the wallet view

Click [Generate Key]

Copy the API Key and store it in a safe place - you won’t be able to see it again in the Wallet Web App!

Interacting with the API

To interact with the Wallet API by using the API Key, you have to provide it in the request headers.

The key name should be authToken and the value should be the generated API Key.

Example in Postman:

Updated on: 07/04/2023

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