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I've sent MATIC / ETH / BNB or another token to my Venly wallet but it doesn't show

Sometimes users send MATIC / ETH / BNB as a token on another blockchain instead of on the native blockchain (i.e. Polygon for MATIC, Ethereum for ETH and Binance Smart Chain for BNB).

Sending ETH as a Binance Smart Chain pegged token (instead of native ETH) to your Ethereum wallet
Sending MATIC as ERC20 - Ethereum token (instead of native MATIC) to your Matic Wallet
Sending USDC on Polygon to your Ethereum wallet (instead of your Matic wallet)

To see if this is the case we advise to check the corresponding hash (transaction id) via the blockchain explorer of choice:
Ethereum transactions:
Polygon (Matic) transactions:
Binance Smart Chain transactions:

Since wallets on any of these 3 networks can be connected to all 3 networks, it means you can always access these funds. All you need to do is follow this guide.

Updated on: 29/06/2022

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