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What is WalletConnect

What is WalletConnect?

WalletConnect is a protocol that allows users to connect with different wallets to the dApps that have integrated it. It establishes a remote and encrypted connection between the wallet and the dApp. This happens through QR codes and deep linking.

👉 The Venly Wallet is now compatible with WalletConnect v2.0. You will be able to use it with dApps that support the same version. Check the steps below to learn how.

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How to connect with a Venly Wallet through WalletConnect

Navigate to an app that supports WalletConnect v2.0
Click to connect to the app and select WalletConnect

A pop up like this one should appear. If you don’t see Venly as an option, click “View all” to search for it.

Select Venly

The Venly Wallet will open in a new tab.

If not already logged it, select your preferred login method
Click on the Session Proposal from the app you’re trying to connect to

→ Important! If it’s the first time you’re using Venly through WalletConnect, you’ll have to link wallets for the networks you want to connect to (the networks, on which the apps run).

To do that, you can click on the banner on the bottom:

Another way to do it is through the Settings:

- Click on the icon in the upper right corner
- Click “Manage wallets”

In case you don’t have a wallet for a specific network, you can create one through the Venly Wallet app. Once created, it will appear in the list with wallets available to link.

Click “Approve” on the Session Proposal

That’s it. You’re now connected and can go back to the app. 🚀

From now on, whenever the app requires a transaction or signature request to be approved, you will get a notification (if enabled through the browser settings). When you open the Venly WalletConnect app, you will see the request.

When you click it, the Venly Wallet pop up will appear, where you will be able to review the transaction/signature request details and confirm it.

Session Proposal details

On the screen you can see an example session proposal. It is received every time you try to connect to an app.

Shows the action that is required in order to connect to the app. It’s always Approve.

Select accounts
You can see and manage the list with wallets that are about to be connected by clicking “Select accounts”. By default all the wallets for the required network will be selected (given that you’ve linked them to the Venly WalletConnect app). If a wallet is deselected, the app won’t be able to send requests to it.

The app that you’re trying to connect to and has received the Session proposal from.

The description.

The network/s, on which the app runs.

The type of requests that the app will be able to send to your connected wallet/s.

The events, for which the app might trigger an action when emitted. Apps usually have event listeners to provide some feedback to the user based on those events.


The Settings page can be accessed by clicking on the icon in the top right corner of the Venly WalletConnect app. There are multiple things that you can manage directly from the Venly WalletConnect app. Below you’ll find what each of them means.

Paste URI
When you try to connect to an app through WalletConnect, you are shown a QR code and a list with wallets. You can find the Venly Wallet or you can directly click the Copy icon in the WalletConnect modal. After that, you can go back to the Venly WalletConnect app and click “Paste URI”. As a result, you should again receive a Session Proposal request.

Active sessions
Here you can see a list of apps that you’re currently connected to. In order to disconnect from an app, click on it and select “Confirm”.

Notifications can only be managed through the browser settings. You will be asked to allow notifications the first time you use the app. If you want to block notifications or enable them again after that, you have to do it through the browser settings.

Dark mode
The Venly WalletConnect app is available in light or dark mode. Click to toggle to switch between both.

Manage wallets
In the pop up that opens you will see a list of all your wallets. You can select to link/unlink them from the Venly WalletConnect app. When a wallet is linked, you are able to connect with it to apps through WalletConnect.

It leads to our FAQ and Support page. We advice you to check it if you have questions or if you encounter any issues.

Log out
Logging out will automatically disconnect you from all active sessions.

Updated on: 17/04/2023

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